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Premax Higher Channel Account Vibration Control and Measurement System
IDAN Environmental Testings Engineering is proud to present Premax, an innovative system for multi-channel control and measurement of vibrations. The system consists of various data collection modules and multi-DSP technology, hosted on a single board with PXI channel Ethernet interface, producing an excellent platform for shaker control and measurement, and vibration and noise analysis. In addition, Premax fits on real-time the built-in controller in the host computer to the operation system, to deliver effective management and data transmission. System excels handling numerous channels, require tests and measurements, such as vehicles, rockets, missiles and airplanes.

Powered by PX/ bus
PXI ( PCI Extension For Instrumentation) PXI is more and more popular in instrumentation structure adoption, via its excellent electrical performance, superb synchronization capability, high to 132 MB data throughput.

Especially, PXI structured instrumentation takes high cost-efficiency advantages in low and mid frequency bandwidth application.

One-stop platform to achieve vibration control and measurement
  • Shaker Vibration Control.
  • Multi-shakers/Multi-axis(MIMO) Shaker.
  • Vibration Control.
  • Data Acquisition and recording.
  • Vibration and Noise Measurement.
  • Structural Modal Analysis.

Variable Acquisition Modules
  • Vibration.
  • Noise.
  • RPM.
  • Temperature.
  • humidity.
  • Pressure.
  • Future with Strain, GPS and CAN bus.

  • PXI bus based modularized architecture.
  • 1000M LAN Connectivity.
  • Real time ONX O/S.
  • 24 Bit ADC/DAC, 120dB dynamic range.
  • Higher channel account, all channels synchronized.
  • Up to 64 input channels or 16 driver/output in single chassis.
  • Synchronized inputs.
  • On-board 32-bit floating DSP real-time processing.
  • Embedded-in real-time host controller with QNX O/S.

Most Common Advantages and Applications:
More channels, higher cost-efficiency

Premax takes significant advantages in higher input channel account test and measurement. Users only need to pay for extra input channels in existing chassis, and the cost-efficiency is highly satisfying.

Shaker Vibration Control

Compliant with all kinds of vibration excitation equipment including electro-dynamic shakers, servo-hydraulic shakers, EMA Shakers (electro-magnetic actuator).

Vibration & Noise Measurement

Real-time FFT, Overall (Time vs. Level), Characteristic Values, 1/N Octave, RPM, Analyzer mode recording, and more options.

Data Acquisition and Recording

With 96 kHz synchronized sampling rate (DC-37.5 kHz analysis bandwidth), playback and offline review

Structural Modal Test

Up to 16 waveform generators, and flexible windowing function in input and excitation output channel.

Versatile and Powerful Applications
The next-generation vibration controller is now available at ECON for large-scale MISO (Multiple Input, Single Output), MIMO (Multiple Input, (Multiple Output), MEMA (Multiple Exciter, Single Axis) and MEMA (Multiple Exciter, Multiple Axes) control applications. It integrates PXI bus structure and floating DSP technology to perform powerful and precise control and analysis, just like series of synchronized high performance vibration controller working together without degrading performance of each other.

Multi-shakers/Multi-axis (MIMO) Shaker Vibration Control
  • 2 or 4 posters, 3-axis, multi-DOF and more.
  • MIMO Random.
  • MIMO Sine.
  • MIMO Shock.
  • MIMO Transient Time History.
  • MIMO Road Simulation.