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Our fields of experties
Replacement Power Amplifier
Exceptional expertise in planning and implementing adaptation and conversion of power amplifiers for all shaker types.

IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering specializes in adaptation and conversion of power amplifiers for all vibration systems found in the markets.

To date we completed over 20 conversions of power amplifiers for second-hand shakers for various clients and purposes. During this process, the key is adapting a reliable amplifier fully compatible with the alarm and control systems designated for the shaker under conversion.

This type of conversion, combining old shaker with new one, adds the shaker with decades of reliable, cost-effective operation, significantly cheaper than purchasing fully new system.

We conducted such conversions for various, water-cooled and air-cooled shakers.

To date we conducted the procedure for the following shaker types:
  • LDS-V964
  • LDS-V850
  • LDS-V860
  • LDS-V806
  • LDS-V730
  • Unholtz-Dickie-T1000
  • Unholtz-Dickie-TC208
  • Ling Electronics-D390