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Power Amplifiers for Shakers
Econ is one of few companies worldwide specialize with planning and production of switched, reliable, quality power amplifier’s in all size or power.

VSA-H Series Power Amplifier
VSA-H series power amplifier is designed with latest IGBT technique and MCU+DSP+FPGA framework to ensure high power availability and high safety. The single power module is designed as standard 8kVA output with large peak power margin. This feature allows VSA-H series power amplifier to be qualified in working with most of electro-dynamic shakers. Different numbers of module can be combined as per requirement of actual power capacity, without replacing the rack.

A kind of MCU+DSP+FPGA framework is used VSA-H series power amplifier with advanced digital control strategy to ensure high safety of each module and the whole system, to avoid collapse of whole system due to single module failure. VSA-H series power amplifier is also designed based on integrated logical unit, power unit and control unit, with obvious advantages of reliability, flexible configuration, energy saving, and easier maintenance.

  • Standard 8kVA module, modulated and adaptive.
  • Latest IGBT technique, with high withstand voltage, high power and reliability.
  • Latest IGBT technique, with high withstand voltage, high power and reliability.
  • MCU+DSP+FPGA framework with advanced digital control strategy.
  • Advanced Loop control and advanced algorithms.
  • Switching frequency up to 150kHz.
  • Signal-to-noise ratio ≥68dB.
  • Parallel operation current imbalance over 1%.
  • Energy efficiency ratio over 93%.
  • Various Interlocks protections of over voltage, over current, over temperature, over displacement, cooling system failure, under voltage input, module failure, excitation power failure, power supply failure, etc.
  • User friendly operation.