Eng / עבר
Eng / עבר
Multi-shakers/multi-axis Vibration Testing System
IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering is proud to present world’s most advanced multi-axial vibration systems of the Multi-Axis/Multi-DOF series, including two and three-axis, producing more realistic vibrations than traditional single axle shaker.

Customizable Three-Axle Vibration Systems for Vibration Testing
Many studies and dynamic testing have shown that three-axial vibration testing dramatically reduce the mechanical overload on test products during complicated, tough vibration testing.
In addition, and equally important, the multi-axial shaker vibration effect is more authentic and reliable, which significantly reduce the exposure for vibration, than single-axial shaker require three-axial vibration. For example, if three-axial random vibration is necessary, while each axis operation lasts one hour, the process would than take three hours, when three-axial vibration system would enable the same exposure saving 66% of the required time, and avoid product “over testing”.

  • Customized design of multi-shakers, two/four/push-pull synchronized.
  • Customized design of multi-axis, bi-axial/tri-axial synchronized.
  • Option of reliable motion trail and hydraulic orthogonal decoupling bearings.
  • Foundation-free design optional.
  • Advanced MIMO vibration controller with accurate system identification and highly adaptive matrix control.
  • Sine frequency range up to 1,000Hz.
  • Random frequency range up to 2,000Hz.
  • Max. 16 drive outputs.