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Qualmark Halt & Hass Chambers
Marketing, Characterization, Calibration, Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance for Qualmark Halt & Hass Chambers

For leading companies such as ELTA Systems, Elisra Group and Hermon Laboratories, who’s design and testing setup includes also operation of Halt & Hass chambers, IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering provides a professional, comprehensive and complete solution also for this aspect.

As part of the services to Qualmark Halt & Hass Chambers, our company provides an array that includes:
  • Characterization and marketing for Qualmark Halt & Hass Cambers, One of the world's leading company, according to the customer's needs, including accompanying the manufacturer's acceptance tests, installation and professional training.
  • Planning and set up of smart alarm systems to avoid liquid nitrogen irruptions result from excessive tap wear or overpressure in nitrogen supply line.
  • Preventative maintenance (annual) including review of all chamber systems, performance test, disassembly vibration platform, and micron polish for hammers.
  • Full calibration of all equipment setup including all vibration and temperature setup assemblies (including accelerometers).
  • Overhaul or replacing of vibration control setup.
  • Overhaul or replacing of command taps and disconnecting liquid nitrogen.
  • Repair or replacing high-power heating elements.
  • Upgrade or replacing chamber control system.
  • Repair or replacing chamber PLC controllers.
  • Providing all supply parts and attached equipment.
  • Replacing airbags (in chambers include airbags).
Chambers types specialization:
  • Qual Mark