Eng / עבר
Eng / עבר
Slip Table Series/Head Expander
IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering is proud to present a wide range of Econ’s slip tables and head-expanders for all shaker types, in all sizes and purposes.

Slip Table Series/Head Expander Series
Econ offers a wide range of head expanders and slip tables in both Metric and English units. Head expanders and slip tables increase the mounting area for attaching fixtures and products and accommodate larger payloads. They can be made from either Magnesium or Aluminum and the processing methods can be either cast or machined.

  • High-quality aerospace class material.
  • SUsable frequency range up to 2,000 Hz.
  • Metric and English units optional.
  • Material: Magnesium.
  • Various insert mounting hole patterns available.
  • Customization for special requirements.
  • Corrosion resistant: non-machined parts are painted; machined parts are coated with lubricant.