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Professional Training for Shaker Operation
As part of our service, we provide theoretical and practical training for operating shakers

The most common reason for system failures has to do with improper use of the system. In light of this finding, IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering decided to include in its customer services package a professional training about operation and use of vibration systems.

The training focuses on delivering theoretical and practical knowledge on the customer site using his vibration equipment. The training aims to endow the system operators with professional tools to conduct vibration testing accurately, correctly and efficiently.

The training includes four days, in which we deliver the trainees a comprehensive review covering all topics, so they would be able to conduct error-free vibration testing. The training designed for individuals, who have never used a shaker, to get familiar with the theory of vibration, hold full command of the system they use, know the attached accessories (such as Head-Expanders), learn the correct principles to anchor shakers, understand the software various variables and components, learn to write a testing plan and, naturally, conduct the testing perfectly.