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Electrodynamic Shakers
As a global vendor of vibration simulation systems, ECON offers range of innovative electrodynamic systems for vibration tests, enable a wide range of frequencies, reliability and ease-of-use. Using and advanced IGBT-based power amplifier and vibration controller, it can restore real-world vibrations accurately and reliably to facilitate mechanical testing of environmental condition. Simultaneously, an automatic centralization control technology and optional self-damping, no-foundation system for shakers installed, enable EDS / EDM series air-cooled shakers operate most accurately and adaptively.

The EDS/EDM Series Air-cooling Shakers - Vibration System for Environment Testing
As part of Econ product line, we can deliver all sizes of vibration systems integrated with climate chambers for vibration with temperature cycles.

  • Sine force range from 3kN to 55kN.
  • Random to Sine excitation force ratio 1:1.
  • Advanced design of trunnion isolation.
  • Double magnetic circuit design.
  • Auto-centering control system in air spring and electro-dynamic.
  • High reliability with mean time between failures(MTBF)> 3,000 hours.
  • Low noise design of system.
  • More effective cooling structural design.
  • Foundation-free design optional.
  • Various Multi-axial/Multi-DOF design.
  • Sine, random, shock and mixed mode testing supported.
  • Climate chambers integration available