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DAQ Recording and Measuring System for Field Testing
Meet AVANT-7008D, the ideal solution for on-line collection and registration for stability, vibrations and acoustics testing, and more. It includes a touch screen with unique interface, specially customized for the needs of field engineers and testers.

Ml-7008D - Touch Screen, On-site - DAQ Recording and Measuring
AVANT Ml-7008D is a brand new integrated DAQ analyser. It would bring the engineers a brilliant experience for its professional industrial design, robust hardware and powerful software. The reliability and accuracy of on-site testing becomes available anywhere, everywhere and at any time. It is widely applied in Vibration testing, acoustic testing, rotating machinery test, road simulation test, etc.

  • Powerful DAQ recording and measuring: analysis report is available on-site.
  • Synchronized sampling and recording.
  • Various compatibility of input channel: support various signal inputs like vibration, noise and RPM, and could achievea comprehensive test for vibration and sound.
  • Particular auxiliary software tools: system balance, transducer calibration etc.
  • User-friendly setup and easy test; Intuitive UI design, One click for DAQ recording and saving, optimized setup for measuring and analysis.
  • High sensitivity,10.4′Capacitive touch screen.

  • 1-8 synchronized input, 1 output (signal source), 1 channel for measuring rotating speed.
  • Max. Sampling 204.8 kHz.
  • Coupled mode: AC, DC, IEPE, TEDS.
  • Built-in rated power supply in every input and provide 12V, 24V, IEPE constant current source.
  • 128G hard disk satisfied enough test data storage.
  • More than 4 hours discharging.
  • 10.4' Capacitive touch screen (1024*768).

  • DAQ recording.
  • Signal analysis in time domain.
  • FFT.
  • Order tracking.
  • Octave analysis.
  • RMS detector and peak detector.
  • Historical data display of time domain signal.
  • Transducer Calibration.
  • System Balance.
  • Video recording and playback