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AVANT Dynamic Signal Analyzer
We offer AVANT - a unique all-in-one solution for data collection, FFT-based analysis, raw data recording and report generation. It is known as an excellent choice for vibration and noise measurements, model and structure tests, and rotating machines and acoustics diagnostics. In addition, it also delivers a modular, versatile software that enables test engineers to receive immediate measurement results.

More Hardware and software, there is always one for you
AVANT family has more hardware and software for different scale and different operation mode. This supply users more choices from field to lab. The kernel technology is same with latest DSP technology, low noise hardware design, 24-bit ADC/DAG resolution.

  • Vibration & Noise Analysis.
  • Data Recorder and Playback Review.
  • Rotating Machinery Diagnostics.
  • Structural Modal Test.
  • Shock Data Capture.
  • Acoustic Analysis.

  • 4, 8, 16 synchronized inputs.
  • 1, 2, 4 waveform outputs.
  • 300 MHz floating point 32-bit DSP Processing.
  • 24-bit ADC/DAC.
  • Dynamic range> 120dB.
  • Voltage, IEPE and TED Sensor compatibility.
  • Built-in Battery (option).

  • PXI bus based modularized architecture.
  • 1000M LAN Connectivity.
  • Real time ONX O/S.
  • 24 Bit ADC/DAC, 120dB dynamic range.
  • Higher channel account, all channels synchronized.
  • Up to 64 input channels or 16 driver/output in single chassis.
  • Synchronized inputs.
  • On-board 32-bit floating DSP real-time processing.
  • Embedded-in real-time host controller with QNX O/S.

Dynamic Signal Analyzer Hardware

VANT Measurement & Analysis Application Software