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Eng / עבר
Conditioning Amplifier
The MI-2004 is an ideal, compact solution for analysis of all signal and vibration types, with a built-in integrator, it enables analyses and unit conversion of all displacement, velocity, and acceleration units, by a click of a button.

MI-2004 Model Analyzer for Signal and Vibration Processing
MI-2004 Analyzer can convert units into parameters of acceleration, displacement, and velocity, and it is specially adapted for either working in a laboratory or outdoors.
Ml-2004 is designed for high performance signal conditioning, at 4 channels per unit, delivered especially to those users who often use charge mode sensors. Also it can be used for IEPE and TEDS Sensors Conditioning.

  • Vibration/Shock/Modal/Acoustics.
  • Single Axis and Tri-axial.
  • IEPE/ICP/TEDS Sensor Conditioning.
  • Support Integral and Differential Calculation.
  • PC Software Control (Optional).
  • RS-232 Connectivity.

  • Up to 4 signal conditioning circuits.
  • Digital parameter setting, intuitive and easy to operate.
  • Quick and reliable connecting via BNC connector.
  • Compatible with Charge, IEPE, and TEDS sensors.
  • Multi-stage low-pass, high-pass filter.
  • Parameters are set by serial control interface (RS-232) so that a single PC can control multiple conditioning amplifiers.
  • Compact and solid design with built-in battery, can be used for field and laboratory testing.