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Eng / עבר
IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering
Specializes with characterization and sales of vibration systems / electrodynamic shakers.
Delivers maintenance services, amplifiers conversion, slip table, calibration of all vibration controllers and accelerometers. Implements electromechanical projects, and control and automation systems.
About IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering
Over 10 years that “IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering” as the Israeli industry leading benchmark for vibration systems. Founded by Yaron Chaka, holds over 20 years of experience specializing with all aspects of characterization, adaptation and assembly, repair and maintenance of shakers.

Yaron acquired his professional expertise and certification in the UK at LDS, a worldwide shaker manufacturer.

One Stop Shop for Vibration Systems
The wide range of services that IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering offers combine professionalism, experience, and the consequence of its strategic corporation with Econ, an industry-leading manufacturer of vibration systems.

As an authorized vendor of Econ, IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering can take responsibility for the entire shaker installation process, beginning with the characterization and planning stage, through actual product delivery, operation training and maintenance service.
We operate to maximize mean time between failures (MTBF) in vibration systems and Halt & Hass chambers by implementing organizational annual preventive maintenance.
In addition, we specialize delivering professional maintenance and conversion service for all types of electromagnetic shakers, as well as planning and implementation of electromechanical projects integrating HMI and Micro PLC controllers, in accordance with customer requirements and needs.

Our Customers
IDAN Environmental Testing Engineering delivers wide range of services for Israel advanced industries’ leading organizations and firms. Among others, we supplied systems and services to the following companies: Elisra Systems, Elbatech, TAT Technologies, ELTA Systems, Carmel Laboratories, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israel Military Industries, Elbit Systems, Hermon Laboratories, Mellanox Technologies, SCD, GMI, ORBIT Communication Systems, and more.
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Yaron Cheka - Technical manager & Owner

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